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Solo – The Worlds Largest Message in a Bottle

Trailer: The World’s Largest Message In A Bottle from Solo on Vimeo.

For the last six months I have been very busy working on a project called The Worlds Largest Message in a Bottle for Solo, a Norwegian softdrink. The project involved building an eight meter long bottle and installing cameras, a power source, a satellite link and a server. We launched the bottle from the Canary Islands on the 13th of March and we are tracking it across the Atlantic on If you guess correctly where it ends up you win a bottle of Solo for every nautical mile it has traveled.

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Impossible impossiball

Finally we are live! is an installation at Aker Brygge in Oslo where you can test your luck. The installation consists of a machine that drops a table tennis ball for each player through a maze and if the ball hits a small hole the player wins her share of 250,000,- Norwegian kroners. Anyone with a Norwegian mobile phone can join either via text message or the website. If there are no winners, which is extremely likely, the prize will be given to a random participant.

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