DNB Fotoboks

DNB’s latest campaign “kortlappen”, is a campaign to teach young teenagers how to use debit cards sensibly and safely. We were asked to create a supporting activity at events around the country. The solution became a custom photo booth experience with a few surprises for the participants.


Kids are invited to take a serious photo of themselves for use on their VISA card*. If you did not know: all VISA cards in Norway doubles as ID cards and has a photo of the owner on the back side.

The booth has a massive video screen rear projected on a canvas mounted halfway inside the booth. When a user enters a sensor starts a video welcoming the user and telling the user to sit down and get ready. There are currently seven different experiences in the booth. They are all videos with an element of surprise. The videos are supported by surround sound, air nozzles, and water nozzle spraying a fine mist. The sound and nozzles are triggered at strategic moments in the videos. Needless to say most users find it very hard to stay serious for the picture taking.



During the experience we capture four images of the user in various degrees of surprise. Afterwards the user gets a high quality photo print of the captured images as a free giveaway.


The controller is written in Objective C using Phidgets I/O boards to monitor sensors and control the nozzles. It’s a basic video sequencer that triggers sounds, camera capture and nozzles at specific times during video playback. The sequences are editable in the interface, this way it’s easy to implement new experiences without changing the software.

Phidgets Audio Printing

We also buildt an inspector panel to help the operators test and debug any issues.

The installation consists of a mac mini, a short throw projector, a Phidgets I/O board and a Phidgets relay board, a super quiet air compressor, Festo solenoid valves, a Sharp surround receiver with speakers, a bunch of Sharp infrared distance sensors, a ventilation fan, and meters of cables and air hoses.

This project was realized in collaboration with my usual partner in crime Pål Smitt-Amundsen.


T/A Pol
Art Direction: Stian Johansen
Copy: Janne Brenda Lysø
Project Manager: Ina Egelandsdal
Consultant: Monika Augstsson

Realization: Pål Smitt-Amundsen & Knut Skåla
Programming: Knut Skåla
Producer (digital): Lisa Canneaux
Video production: Magne Hage
Video production: Frode Ekeberg
Producer (motion): Geir Skorstad

Sound: Storyline Studios
Carpentry: Karl Martin Warberg

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