Sinnasnekkeren (The angry carpenter) is a norwegian TV show, where people get help solving a DIY nightmare they have created for themselves. Our client is the main sponsor of the show. As a part of their campaign we created a second screen activity, where people can test how handy they are whilst watching the show.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

There is five different stages in the game, showcasing different trades. All the stages are build on the same side scrolling principle, where you have to complete a task before it disappears off the screen.

We created the game using EaselJS, Backbone and a lot of JavaScript. EaselJS turned out to be a godsend for an old ActionScript developer. Most of the display stack in EaselJS works just like the good old display stack in Flash(RIP). There is a very slim backend, so Backbone is mainly there for the event system. Although extending the eventDispatcher in EaselJS would have done the same job. The game is written in CoffeScript and built using Buddy. The backend is running on Symfony 2.

The main lesson learnt from this project is how awesome the canvas is. Performance is pretty good on all modern devices and browsers. IPhone and iPad performance is as good or maybe better than on the desktop. Next time we will be more ambitious and push it even further!




Frontend: Thomas Sørmoen and Knut Skåla
Backend: Marius Nettum
Project manager: Mona Larsen
Consultant: Ole Hustad
Copywriter: Torkild Jarnholt
Art director: Erik Winn
Design: Sebastian Rash
Sound: Dinahmoe

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